Fine Art Wedding Album Folio Albums OK, I’ll start with this, I know they’re expensive. When I first started shooting weddings and looked into the options for providing my couples with albums I was pretty staggered at the prices. It’s just a book with photos in, how on earth did they cost so much?! But, I came to realise that you’re not paying for a mass produced book that will be sold to thousands of people. You’re paying for a bespoke piece of craftsmanship, a one off, made of the highest quality materials and built to last a lifetime. Digital photos are great, we can have them with us all the time on our phones, we can send them to each other, we can see them really big on our TV screens but there’s nothing else quite like having printed photo in your hands. To it just feels more real, more special.

Now there are plenty of lesser quality DIY options out there that would do just fine. It’s better than having nothing at all printed and as long as you’re careful with them they’ll probably be fine. But if you appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and want to have something that will not only last your lifetime but will be there to pass on to your children and maybe even theirs one day then my albums are for you.

The fine art wedding albums I offer are made by hand right here in the UK using sustainable materials of the highest quality. They feature seamless lay flat pages so that images look great printed across an entire spread. The combination of flush mount fine art printing and leather cover binding gives a contemporary but classic look and feel to the albums.

Lay flat fine art album

Check out this video to see with your own eyes exactly what goes into making one of these albums.

12 x 12 Fine Art Album

The 12 x 12 Fine Art Album is truly the grandest way to show off your wedding photos. Taking this one down off the shelf and flicking through is an event worth savouring, something you will enjoy again and again. A wide range of leather cover options are available as standard and as well as your names debossed on the front cover.

Fine Art Wedding Album  Fine Art Album Spread Fine Art Wedding Album Fine Art Album Spread Fine Art Album Spread Folio 12 x 12 Folio DebossingFolio Leather Swatches

10 x 10 Fine Art Album

The smaller 10 x 10 is perhaps the more practical option. Being smaller and easier to handle makes it ideal for taking out with you to show friend and family as well as more casual regular viewing snuggled up on the sofa. As with the 12 x 12, a wide range of leather cover options are available as standard and of course your names debossed on the front cover.

Folio 10 x10Fine Art Album SpreadAlbum layoutFine Art Wedding Albumfine_art_wedding_album-018Folio Debossing

6×6 Mini Copy Album

In addition to the the full size main albums that I offer you can also have as many mini copies as you like. Perhaps one to keep with you in your bag or perfect as gift to parents and other family members. These only come in a range of fabric bound options and are only available when purchased with a main album.

Folio mini copy Essex Album Design Wedding Album Design Folio Album Spread Folio Engraving  Folio Fabric Swatches

Fine Art Album Pricing

  • Large (12×12): £40 per spread (minimum of 20 spreads)
  • Small (10×10): £30 per spread (minimum of 20 spreads)
  • Mini copy (6×6): £10 per spread (perfect for parents, only available when purchased with a main album)