For the vast majority of the day, I’m not going to interfere at all. I will not stop and pose you. I will not ask you to do something again so that I can photograph it. In fact, I won’t ask you to do anything other than enjoy being in the moment with the people you love. Because that’s the way I want you to remember your wedding.

The only time is groups

Relaxed portrait sessions that focus on the connection between you and your partner. Engagement session to help achieve this.


I like to look for humour.


I will look for the less obvious photo, creative angles.

Telling your story



I’m a pretty relaxed guy and I’m think I’m good at getting other people to feel relaxed.

No clock watching

You get me for the whole day. Having said that, unless there is something you particularly want me to stay for (fireworks etc) I will leave around 10pm. By that stage I have usually got plenty of dancefloor shots.

Your images are exactly that, yours

I don’t rely on selling prints and products. All of my packages include your photos edited at high resolution suitable for printing on disc. Web optimised files for email and facebook.